All Microblading Clients MUST read/agree to Microblading “Care/Qualifiers/Roller Coaster Ride”  BEFORE BOOKING.

In addition to reading the important automatic email confirmation after booking. 

A $50-$100 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required to book. Unless otherwise stated, Microblading prices do not include “touch-up sessions”.  See Services Menu under “Book Appointment” for touch-up fees. No personal checks allowed. 

About Microblading

MICROBLADING: is a type of ‘tattooing” designed to recreated “natural” hair-like micro-strokes into areas of the skin where sparse or missing natural hairs once were. This is done with the use of Organic & Inorganic Pigments by Li Pigments & sterile microneedles (termed “microblades”).
Full Microblading appointments can average 2-3 hours. “Touch up sessions” can run 45-60mins, depending upon client. Optimal results are top priority, however there is no guarantee as client skin-type, daily habits, heavier bleeding & facial scars/asymmetry may alter outcome.
Pigments, unlike “tattoo ink”, are designed to soften in color & fade over time; requiring yearly touch-up sessions. Excessively oilier skin, those with certain medical conditions & on certain medicines, can effect the “retention” of Microblading, which may require additional touch-up sessions (listed below). Microblading is NOT designed to replace Makeup in size, shape, position nor color.

> Body Dysmorphic Disorder: ” A mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance”

> Pregnant or nursing
> Diabetic
> Chemotherapy (1yr post)
> Viral infections and/or diseases
> Epilepsy > Pacemaker or major heart problems
> Organ transplant
> Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
> Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
> Botox in the past 2 weeks
> On blood thinners or medicines which may thin the blood (excessive bleeding will cause serious loss of microblading retention
WHAT TO PREPARE FOR: Protect your Brow Investment
□ Do not get eyebrows wet:
During the first 10 DAYS after Microblading do NOT get eyebrows wet. This is to allow the “scabbing” to form & “heal” both skin & microstrokes underneath. Getting eyebrows wet while in “scabbing stage” will cause Microblading not to heal properly & addition sessions needed (at client expense).
□ No sweating:
During the first 10 DAYS after Microblacing clients must refrain from activities which may cause profuse sweating. This is to prevent the Pigment from being pushed out of the microstrokes (excessive fading/ruined Microblading) & also Pigment migrating underneath the skin to other areas of the brow/face.
□ Scabbing / Peeling /Fading:
Click the “Find out more” button below to read more about this “roller coaster ride” of healing stages

Reality -vs- Expectations: Microblading

Microblading is NOT meant to replace Eyebrow Makeup in Shape, Size & Position:  


□ Shape, Size & Position of your new Microbladed brows will be determined based upon your expressed desires during the  “client consultation” (phone or in person), plus important  professional ‘brow/face mapping “Predraw” prior to start of Microblading  

□  Clients desiring brow shapes & positions which are significantly outside natural or safe brow areas -or- a look which is professionally unable to achieve with Microblading (as a Permanent Cosmetic), will not be done.  However, a mutually decided shape, size (thickness) & position can be achieved



Microblading is not considered fully “healed” until week (3 to 4) after each microblading session.  

>Freshly completed Microblading will appear more intense, darker  & slightly larger (until minior skin swelling subsides).  However the hair-like “strokes” will heal much softer & fades more, depending on skin-type (as seen in picture of “healed strokes”).


NUMBING: Before Microblading

5% Lidocaine with Epinephrine is used to numb clients at Spa Shal’vah.  After each client is precisely Brow Mapped (as featured in picture), clients are then numbed prior to the start of microblading.  

This numbing process is done by “tapping” the skin with micro-needles to break the skin for the Lidocaine to effectively numb clients.  The “tapping” process will be felt by clients & only takes about (35 seconds) per eyebrow. Once skin is “tapped” and lidocaine applied, a period of 15mins is allowed as waiting time for clients to properly numb.  Clients are normally very comfortable after this 15min wait with most not feeling the Microblading process. 

NOTE:  Clients on certain medications which prohibit the function of pain medicines -and- clients who normally have no response to normal over-the-counter pain meds, may feel more of Microblading. In no way does Spa Shal’vah guarantee 100% discomfort FREE microblading.  It is the client’s responsibility to inform Spa Shal’ah of any Lidocaine allergies. 


The “Roller coaster ride”
□ Eyebrows will begin to SCAB over the first few days/week after Microblading & become much darker.  Afterwards they begin to peel – every skin type scabs/peels differently. This is a stage where many clients may “freak out”, but all is normal. 🙂
□ Picking scabs will result in ruined eyebrow strokes & wasted client financial investment in Microblading.
□ As the scabs fall off the Microblading strokes will “fade” approximately 15-30% (depending upon skin type). 
*Note: melanin enriched (darker) skin tones often holds color more & with a “powder brow” healed look verses the crisp hair-like strokes. This is due to both the amount of melanin & oils in the skin.
□ Microblading is not considered fully “healed” until week (4) – until this time clients will go through the stages of scabbing, peeling, fading & pigment return to the surface of the skin (by week 3-4). The featured picture shows these stages. 
NOTE: During your scheduled second session “touch-up session”, the micro-strokes which did not “take” into the brow skin, will be replenished during this session. 
Spa Shal'vah